Back from the grave!

RADEMASSAKER is back! On drums we have Balor from BLIZZARD. On vocals and distortion Jan.

We’ll play some selected shows and maybe we’ll recordsomething new.

All the news you can catch on our new Facebook-Website:

Jan [2016-06-14]

Hey there,

we have our new BANDCAMP-Website online. You can  download our “Reanimations of ancient demons” and “Primitive death attack” there. Some more songs you can find at the “Music”-section

Jan [2016-03-26]]


Check out Hellcast with Reaper and Jan talking about nerdy Metal-Stuff:

Cheerz, Jan [2015-08-22]

Rademassaker is still dead - long live Blizzard!

You can visit Blizzard at this website:

I've decided to put all the songs from the Vinyl-Releases on this site for two  reasons.

The ones who already have the Vinyls might also wanna put the songs on their Mp3-Players. So here you have it. And the ones  who just wanna check it out...

Here you go. The sound on the original Vinyls of course is better, but they are all sold out

Cheerz, Jan [2013-03-13]


Hey there,

after two years the “Reanimation of the ancient demons”-7inch got finally released. It’s limited to 300 hand-numbered Vinyl’s and can be ordered through DEATHSTRIKE-RECORDS – be quick or be SAD!

The "Primitive Death Attack" Vinyl will now be released on 10inch by the very cool australian Label THIRTEEN ROBES (Haiiiaaalz Paul!).

It's gonna be out this summer and will be limited to 222 handnumbered copies!

Genocide Productions however didn't manage to release it.

Keep the hell fires burning Death-Bangers!

Jan [2008-04-26]

BLIZZARD IS BACK! We re-united last week (Pure Filth & Mayhem Line Up) and we'll definetely record a new album! Await the end - when the Blizzard crushes you down!

Cheerz, Jan [2008-03-17]

Hey there,

we've finally done it! We've recorded "Primitive Death Attack" in two (!!!) days and mixed it in 1 day during the last week.

It will be released with a killer artwork from Heathen-Paul soon viaGENOCIDE-PRODS.

On the photos you can see some studio-impressions...

Cheerz and all hail hell, Jan [2007-09-10]

Studio 2007_01
Studio 2007_03
Studio 2007_04

Rademassaker are now preparing for studio to record their first album "Primitive Death Attack" in August/September.

The LP will be released on Vinyl only by the brazilian label GENOCIDE PRODS (limited to 500 pieces).

You can check out the song "Primitive Death Attack" in a rehearsal-version if you click on the music-button.

Keep your heads banging


Hey folks,

The Split-7” with EXORCISM "Tormented in gore" is out now!

Get it from your local distro! Official distribution throughDeathstrike-Records, Iron Bonehead and Hell’s Headbangers!


Hey folks!

Here we have some bloody updates for you. The songs which we recorded in April 2006 in studio (REEL TO REEL!) will be released exclusively on limited Vinyls.

Gore Metal and Tormentor will be released on a Split-7” (TORMENTED IN GORE) with german Deathers EXORCISM through the swedish label IRON FIST (limited to 500).  Release date was October’06 I guess, haha…

Cover_Tormented on gore

Evil Seed, Painful Death, S.i.g.o.h.f. and Zombie Gut Fuck will be released on the “REANIMATION OF THE ANCIENT DEMONS”-7” through german DEATHSTRIKE RECORDS and this release will be limited to 300 hand numbered copies. Many thanks to Nathaniel (ma belle) for the great artwork!!! Release-date hopefully somewhere in early 2007.

Cover_Reanimation of ancient demons

Keep the hellfires burning and drink the beer that doesn’t bang! Jan

Hailz my friends!

Rademassaker will play a show in Nürnberg on 23.09.06 with HELLISH CROSSFIRE, EXCORIACT und OLD!!!

Be there!.

Hailz everybody!

The gig with Nocturnal and Zemial was really great! Thanks to all the maniacs who banged their heads at our show and also thanks to the mighty Hellbangers for giving us the chance to play there! For the upcoming releases we had a nice photosession lately... Cude guys, huh?! ...hahaha!

Cheerz, Jan

News_Juni 2006_Small

Hailz my friends!

Rademassaker will play a show in Koblenz on 16.6.06 with the mighty ZEMIAL and NOCTURNAL!!! Be there!.

We’re preparing for studio now to re-record some older demo-tracks and

our version of Lethal Dose for a NME-Tribute.

Keep the hellfire’s burning, Jan (2006-04-10)


Hey folks,

the first two Rademassaker-shows were absolutely great! Thanks to everyone who came out to the shows!

The Split-Vinyl is released now by DeathStrike-Records

- get your copy now!!! Cheerz, Jan (2006-02-14)

Rademassaker live mit PENTACLE (!!!) und DEATH BY DAWN am 4.FEB 2006 in STUTTGART SILLENBUCH. Am 28.JAN 2006 gibt's 'ne "Warm-up-show" mit DICKTATOR and 31DIES im RISING SUN in HIRSAU/CALW.

Cheerz, Jan (2006-01-11)

Hey hey! We have a new logo!!! Check it out on the new CDR-Inlay (MP3-Download)!!!

I think it's totally killer and I wanna thank Paul Campbell of the mighty australian Depth Charge Zine very much for it!!!

Cheerz, Jan (2005-12-19)

Hey there,

I'm thinking of rerecording some of the old demo-stuff together with Marv on drums for a nice 7" as all the tracks sound much better now with a real drummer. I was thinking of four songs like Evil Seed, Gore Metal, Painful Death and Zombie Gut Fuck. If you have some special-wishes tell me through the guestbook or via
e-mail. Marv and I are ready for some live-battles now; check the news for details soon.

Cheerz, Jan (2005-10-01)

Hailz Metal-bros and -sistas,

the Tape-Version of "Rhythms of Carnage" is released now by TIME BEFORE TIME! It's limited to 200 handnumbered copies, so get your copy quick!

I only have a short ammount of tapes, so better contact Tomasz directly through !

The Vinyl-Version of this Split-EP will be released by the german label DEATHSTRIKE-RECORDS. It will be limited to 500 copies and will be released later this year. I'm very happy that we can work together with Deathstrike. Check this killer label out on !

Cheerz, Jan (2005-07-25)

Hey manicas!

I'm happy to tell you that the SPLIT-EP with BLOODY SIGN will also be released on tape by TIME BEFORE TIME RECORDS from Poland. The Tape will be limited to 200 handnumbered copies and will feature two exclusive bonus-tracks! Rademassaker is now preparing for the first live-assaults. The line-up will be the same as on "Rhythms of Carnage".

 Cheerz, Jan (2005-05-08)

Hey brothers and sisters!

The recordings for the Split-EP with BLOODY SIGN were very

successful! Expect the best Rademassaker-stuff ever! Marv and

Artur did really great jobs!

As I’ve already said, the Coverartwork will be done by Paul Campbell from the Australian Depth Charge Zine! All additional art will be made by Nathaniel from the french Mutilating Process Zine! (Thank you very much guys!!!)

The Split-EP will be unleashed by an unholy alliance of two labels – ha! IBEX MOON RECORDS and REDRUM will release this SPLIT-VINYL together!!! I can’t wait to hold this Vinyl in my ugly hands, haha...

Keep the Hell burning guys! Cheerz, Jan (2005-01-26)

Hi folks!

Rademassaker will enter the studio on the 11th of december to record the two Songs for the coming SPLIT-EP!

The Studio Line-up will be:

Jan - bass & vocals

Marve - drums

Atze - guitar

I'm very happy that the Split-Comrades will be the mighty BLOODY SIGN from France!!! They have just released their great Debut-CD on IBEXMOON Records.

Check this band out on !!!!

Keep the Hell burning!!!

Jan (2004-12-06)

Hey folks!

I have decided to use a real drummer for all my recordings now. And I found a really good one! Markus Maurer will play session-wise on the upcoming Vinyl-Split-EP. First we make some rehearsals and then we’ll record the stuff analogue at the Sound factory in Backnang.

The song titles are “Eye of Hell” and “Apocalypse”.

The Artwork will be made by the incredible Heathen-Paul from the Australian fanzine DEPTH CHARGE. 

The Split-comrades will be mentioned later…

Keep the Hell burning and “drink the beer that doesn’t bang!” (haha…Nathaniel)

Jan (2004-09-08)

Hey Folks!

New interview on MAELSTROM 666 - Metal Webzine from Thailand (follow the link) :

Cheers Jan (2004-08-17)

Hey Metalheads!

First a big “THANK YOU” to all those who supported me - “Satanic Zombie Hordes” is for you!!!

Rademassaker- interviews are featured in Hellpike (Germany), Risk Mag (Germany) and in Cultzine (America). Watch out for interviews in Depth Charge (Australia) and Mutilating Process (France).

Hey, and I’ve become a fanzine-writer too, HA!For the next issue of Mystical Music I’ve made an interview with Vince Locke!!! ... and some CD-Reviews... But it’s written in german, so you gotta learn some foreign language, hahaha..

Cheers & keep the hell burning!!!


PS.: The mp3s are functional again now. So download my shit and check it out!

Now the first Rademassaker-CD is out!!!

“Satanic Zombie Hordes” is the first release on REDRUM-RECORDS.

A big THANK YOU goes out to Will Rahmer for making this possible!!!

Unfortunately there is a little mistake in the layout of the CD. Vince Locke didn’t get credit for the art (sorry for that, Vince!); but I think that every Death Metal Maniac will realize his style!

Keep the hell burning!!! Jan

Hi folks,

with the summer the festival-season is coming. I will be on the


the CD is released then. If we meet there, be prepared to put away some beers! Cheers, Jan (2003-03-29)

Hi folks,

now it is official. Rademassaker will release the first Full-length-CD on REDRUM-Records.

Will Rahmer & myself @ Munich in October’03

This  new Underground-Label from Will Rahmer (Mortician) will put out  the album "Satanic Zombie Hordes" in Mai/June 2004.  It will feature older stuff and some new songs.

Vince Locke (!!!) will make some killer-artwork for it. As you know his works for Cannibal Corpse expect something brutal!

Keep the Hell burning!!!  Jan ( 2003-10-23 )

Hi folks,

the homepage is present for about 1 year now. My vision of giving away my music for free was not very successful... only a very small number of lunatics have downloaded my stuff. I think old school-maniacs are probably the wrong audience for free mp3 downloads, cause most of them are collectors (like me!) who want to have a piece of vinyl or at least an original CD... 

As I have an offer from an underground-label, I want to release my stuff on CD now. The first release will feature older stuff and some new tracks and should be out early next year. I will give you further details here when everything is clear. In the future the download-section on this page will only feature one song of every release. So everyone still can check out my stuff and get in touch with me for more Rademassaker. 

...gimme some gore!!!" is the exclusive and free  "best of - sampler" on this site-download all the mp3s and print out the fitting inlay (artwork & lyrics) - it features one song of every Rademassaker-release and will be updated with every new release!!!

A big THANK YOU to all those who supported me through the first time -

you know who you are!                  Jan ( 2003-10-04 )